Our Suppliers

We love talking with our suppliers to see what has come in this week that looks great. Here’s a little bit about the suppliers that we use.

Intelligentsia Coffee:

Intelligentsia is our coffee roaster and supplier. We are proud to be serving their coffee. They are a great company that have been leading the charge for direct trade coffee. Direct trade means that the roasters have a direct relationship with the farmers. No middleman. This means that they can vouch for how their beans are grown and it helps them build relationships with the farmers. Every harvest the roasters are there with the farmers helping them make sure that the quality is consistent. With this much attention to their product it’s no wonder they have created such a great reputation. Check out their site for more information. Their YouTube videos are great and take you through the whole process start to finish!


Mr. Produce:

We like to support local and Canadian farmers for three reasons. Number 1: the less distance food has to travel, the longer it has had time to fully ripen and therefore it will be more nutritious. Number 2: it keeps our economy moving! Number 3: it builds good relationships. Turns out, Mr. Produce thinks the same way. Mr. Produce is our wholesale supplier. They bring in the goods from farmers in Ontario whenever they can and pass them on to us. I love talking to Matt (our sales rep) and asking him, what’s good this week? He always hooks us up with great colorful products like these beautiful baby beets!

Here is a list of some of the farms we get our products from:



manucher_logoManoucher is making some of the most unique bread right now and they take a lot of pride in their product. For over 25 years, they have been providing the world with unique handmade breads, from their original artisan bakery. Since 1983, artist Manoucher Etminan has committed himself to abide by the same principles in art as he would in the bakery, and today this philosophy still rings true. Each and every loaf that comes out of the oven is born from a recipe perfected by its creator, then carefully made and dressed by hand using only the best ingredients. They hand make it with no preservatives and are experts at kneading in herbs and seasonings and twisting it into lovely shapes. It’s soft delicate and works wonderfully in our pressed sandwiches. We also have started retailing it so come by and try a sample.

Check out some more at:


Butcher Shoppe

The Butcher Shoppe is a wholly Canadian owned meat purveying company, which opened its doors in 1984 in the Kensington Market area in downtown Toronto. Their mission is to provide products that are innovative, safe, and of the highest quality. They apply rigorous standards to the choice and preparation of every one of our products. It is important to us that you get superb meat. That means choosing just the right type of meat as well as the proper cut.