Nutritional Facts

Healthy Food To Go!


How do you know our food is healthy?  We get it analysed by a RHN. We are very happy to be including Skye Longley  to our team. Skye will be our in-house nutritionist and will be examining all our meals and giving them her stamp of approval. Skye is the owner of Food Focused with Skye and  a personal trainer to boot. She  specializes in creating healthy meal plans and analyzing all the food facts. Over the next year Skye will be developing meal plans that you can choose from that will meet your nutritional goals. Stay tuned!

Meet Skye


Skye Longley is a registered holistic nutritionist and personal trainer. She has coached and consulted with athletes, executives and busy moms. Her meal plans are designed to create healthy food habits, promote weight loss, and reduce inflammation. Committed to healthy, clean, and balanced eating, she gives her stamp of approval to The Pink Grapefruit.

We’ve already started the hard work. See the nutritional facts on our Mango Chicken Salad!

Mango Chicken Salad