New Rewards Program at The Pink Grapefruit

Thanksgiving has come and gone but the spirit of the weekend still lingers. We would like to share what we are thankful for this year. Without question, we are thankful for the amazing customers we get to serve every day.

As a relatively new business, we owe so much to the  loyal customers we have. We love having people come in 2-3 times a day, it makes it so enjoyable to get to know the great people in our neighbourhood. We love to hear everyone’s stories, about their day, weekend and upcoming adventures. We prefer to find friends, not new customers.

We are especially thankful for those that spread the word about the Pink Grapefruit. Any time someone takes a moment from their day to post a tweet or photo about an great experience they have had at The Pink Grapefruit is really appreciated by our hard working staff.  We are in this business because we love making people happy with food. It feels really good when that effort is noticed. As a big Thank You we are starting our Share the Love reward program. If you post a selfie with an item of your choice and let the world know how much you love it we will return the favour by sending you a FREE  one next purchase. So if you love our lattes, post a selfie and get a free latte. If you love our farmers Cobb, post a selfie and get a FREE farmers cobb. It’s that simple. Show us your selfie and get the rewards!

Have any more idea on how we can reward your loyalty? We’d love to hear about it. Email us and send us your comments. We aspire that each visit at the Pink Grapefruit is better than your last.

Thank you again for choosing The Pink Grapefruit

Some restrictions do apply (not applicable to catering functions).