Toronto Popcorn & Live on Chocolate: New Local Artisans for August

Local Artisans: Live on Chocolate

Local Artisans: Live on Chocolate










Vegan Desserts: Power Puddings

Vegan Desserts: Power Puddings

Local Artisans: Toronto Popcorn

local artisans: Toronto popcorn


We are really particular when it comes to choosing the local artisan products we want for the store. We have a couple of criteria we like to meet.

First, we prefer if they are from Toronto. Second, we want a quality product that is also a healthy food choice and lastly, we want them to be really interesting. This month we’ve chosen Toronto Popcorn & Live on Chocolate.

Toronto Popcorn

Toronto popcorn creates handcrafted popcorn with gourmet flavours. The flavours they use are like nothing we’ve seen before; root beer popcorn, taco popcorn, creamsicle popcorn, you can imagine how hard it is to choose a flavor. To start, we chose to go with their popular taco popcorn, garlic parmesan and smores flavour. Located on Baldwin street in the heart of Kensington market,  their store is constantly coming up with new concoctions. We think they are a great addition to our local artisan line up.

Live on Chocolate

This local artisan is all about creating the most interesting vegan, gluten free desserts possible with a minimal carbon foot print. Live on Chocolate uses raw cacao from Ecuador and is organic, Fair Trade and wild crafted. The flavor combinations like caramel mocha taste like a sinful indulgence but infact they are a nourishing concoction that improves your overall health. What’s not to love! We hope to be stocking her hippy bars soon too. Beautiful, handcrafted granola bars with organic nuts and berries. Each one looks like a work of art which encouraging when choosing a healthy snack. We believe that healthy should be fun and delicious at the same time.


We think these local artisans knock it out of the park with their exciting flavours and hope everyone loves these new artisans as much as we do.

Support local!