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Our Love For Local Artisan Foods Has No Bounds

We are very happy to introduce you to : Monkey Butter peanut butter, an adult version of the childhood classic condiment. This B.C based artisan company has just moved to Toronto adding their product to the list of our of local artisan foods. Their mission is to change the way you view peanut butter.  They make a great all natural product. It’s high in protein, low in sugar, vegan and gluten free.  If you like healthy foods that don’t taste like it, this is a great choice. The reason is they add a gourmet flavour twist. They infuse the peanut butter with flavour combos like maple bacon, salted caramel or white chocolate and raspberry. The adult in you is happy for the health  benefits while the inner child in you loves the exciting flavours. Once you try it you remember your love for peanut butter all over again. You are also supporting a local artisan, win win!  We have a hard time keeping it on our shelves. Come by on Saturdays when we sample all our local artisan foods to foodies and walk-ins alike.  You can pick your favourite and take some home for you and your friends. You will be happy you did!

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See below for some of our favourite ways to consume this amazing concoction.

  • Whole grain toast with honey flavoured monkey butter and sliced bananas
  • White chocolate & pretzel monkey butter & almond milk smoothie
  •  Salted caramel & orange marmalade grilled peanut butter sandwich
  • Smores monkey butter brownie bar with graham cracker crust

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